Thursday, September 3, 2009

TO ENTERTAIN OR NOT ENTERTAIN...that is the question...

Many people don't like to have company over...some for a good reasons:

1. too much work
2. house is a mess
3. kids are too overwhelming
4. husband doesn't like company
5. they are too introverted or shy
6. don't have the money to really entertain
7. find people annoying
8. too busy

Well we have a little bit of all that in this house...I learned a great little word from the FLYLADY: C.H.A.O.S: which means Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome!!!

I am social by nature...ever since I was a kid. My husband is a quieter soul who would be happy with a good book and comfy couch...not sure why he loves having all these kids!!! We have a very busy household...people coming and going all the time, friends, neighbors, people from church, new friends (even though, my husband announces to me at each place we go---no new friends today!!! ) I just can't help it, I am a magnet to people...I just want to meet new people all the time. I even have made some really close friends from teens laugh and say, "mom, what did we say about meeting people online?" Great ladies like Mary and Jo, as well as many others.

I think it is important to have people over, our generation has lost the fine art of hospitality. If you struggle with a messy house like me...than try to keep your front room or hall way clean, so when someone stops by I can welcome them in...offer them a ear to listen or just relax. I also find that having a party big or gives me a good excuse to do some cleaning that I would normally not windows. Isn't it amazing how much we can do for company that we don't do for our husbands...I really try to work on that!!!

So start small and see where the Holy Spirit leads you. Have fun and enjoy your company.



Katie said...

Sam - the suggestion of keeping the front room clean is good, if you have a house that is big enough to to that in! Our front room is the main room of activity . . . I would be mortified if someone just stopped by on any given day. That room is where the boys play most of the time and where laundry gets folded, bills get paid, and diapers get changed!!

I do like the FLYlady plan. We are usually 15 min away from being visitor friendly.

I agree, it is important to have people over>

Rob said...

number 7 should read "Husband HATES company"

Mary @ Cheerios said...

I feel the sam way Sam! Except we don't have many visitors!!! So...send some of yours my way, ok?! Hey, thanks for mentioning me ;)
Rob, oh get over it. You know you love to hang out on the computer near my hubby. Just go and admit it already!!! ha ha :)
God bless ya'all...hang in there pregnant momma-not too much longer till that baby boy arrives :)