Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small Success Thursday...

I am really pushing the success thing this week...

1. Started school on Tues., went really well.

2. Cleaned half of the refrigerator out
3. Got to 6:30am daily mass this week

4. Found and am wearing my green scapular*

* Dominic Savio (one of our favorites)

His mother's pregnancy:
On September 12, 1856, Dominic asked John Bosco permission to go home, saying that his mother was ill, though he had received no communication. Dominic's mother was then expecting a baby and was in great pain, and when Dominic reached the house, he hugged and kissed his mother, and then left. His mother felt her pain leave her and Dominic's baby sister, Catherine was born. The women assisting at the birth found that Dominic had left a green scapular around his mother's neck. His sister Theresa later wore this same scapular when she was in labour. She testified that it had been passed around to several other pregnant women and was later lost.

So maybe Sept 12th will be the day???


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Anonymous said...

So Sept 12, you already have a Dominic so that doesn't help with the boys name. Catherine or Theresa aren't so great for boys names either!
Sept 12 is Mike Hayes' birthday:)