Friday, September 25, 2009


Ouch-I am such a baby...the poor nurse. This was killing me...especially trying to nurse my babe one handed.

Tues had Kolbe.

Was home healing slowly, staying in bed...being pampered...

Saturday started showing signs of a low grade fever, no flu like symptoms, no soreness in chest or stitches.

Just weird hormonal sweats that make your clothes wet and out of controlled hot flashes!

Then when that subsides...the crazy chills start-so I hop into a burning shower for about 15min then start on the mother's milk tea.

Then we start all over again...

So Wed went to midwife's to leave a urine culture and get swabbed. They put me on antibiotic (please Lord no thrush) till they figure out what is going on.

Thurs. urine came back fine...fever got worse.

Thurs. 11pm midwife convinces us to go to the ER...wah!

Friday early in the ER...they decide that I have a rapid growing urinary track infection, and maybe something else. They will call when all my blood work comes back. Then they give me a stronger antibiotic.

So here I 10 in my bed going crazy as my kids and my house somehow survive thanks to my husband, mother in love, and teenagers!!!

Sorry gotta go the hot flashes are starting..

THY WILL BE DONE!!! +JMJ+ (Wahh, wahh!!!)


Jo Flemings said...

Is it a UTI?

Could be a reaction to the anesthetic?

I am sure your family will keep all the balls in the air beautifully while you recover. You need to get well for that baptism!

Suburban Simplicity said...

Sorry your having to deal with so many things but congrats on the baby. Was away a few days, just now catching up on blogs.

Elizabeth Foss said...

Dear Sam,
I had a reaction to pain meds after my section that sounds like what you're having. And it also made the pain much, much worse. Jo could be on to something.

I'm praying for you. I understand in so many ways how hard this is. And how hard it is to have "hard" instead of what you've always known postpartum. You'll all survive and even thrive. After this is long past, you'll see the tender mercies and the blessings and the growth in holiness. But for now, it pretty much stinks. Many prayers coming your way!