Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have to admit in the past two years I have gone media crazy...Two years ago, I didn't know what a blog was. I now know how to blog (kinda), how to cut and paste, how to find pictures on line, and how to do things I never knew possible. I appreciate the Internet and all it has provided my family...but, lately two things have really affected our family.

The first thing that upset me was that I spent four months looking for a girls teenage catholic magazine for my daughter's 15Th birthday...when I couldn't find one I looked for the magazine my older daughter enjoyed called BRIO. At this time I couldn't find any...and BRIO went to an online magazine. To use my 19 year old's word's, "what is the sense of reading a magazine on line-magazines are for taking with you in the car, on the beach, or to the pool!" My sentiments exactly!!! I did finally find True Girl under a different link, ordered that...will let you know how it turns out!!!

The other disappointment is our evening ritual for the past 13 years has been to rush upstairs to listen to 7pm Adventures in Odyssey!!! The Christian radio station has changed it's programing and doesn't play Adventures in Odyssey anymore...because now you can go here and listen to the shows on line. When I called to complain, they said just have your kids listen to it online...well, my kids don't have computers in their room, and family time sitting around the computer just doesn't seem the same!!! There still is a Christian Radio station that plays it at 8pm...not part of our regular schedule, but we will deal with it.

Oh well, I will learn to deal with it and somehow we will survive!!!


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SAHMinIL said...

Re: online-radio or even online TV

If you have a newer laptop and TV (our TV was bought in 2003 so that's what I mean by newer, you can buy cables to hook the TV and Computer up together.

We watch movies and shows from HULU, but have our laptop connected to the TV so whatever is on the computer shows up on the TV.

The sound from the laptop would also run to the TV.... not exactly the same, but better then trying to set around the laptop.

Just a suggestion to you. I don't know for sure what you have for a TV or even if you have a laptop.

The "right" ports have to be on the TV and Laptop. We happen to have 2 laptops and we can only do it with one because the other doesn't have the right type of port.