Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am embarrassed to even give anymore health updates, but here goes. After my incision leaked Sunday night...I was actually feeling better. Monday I went 13 hours fever free! Then come bedtime my chills/hotflashes and fever returned. The good news is they stopped at 2AM in the morning, being the first night in a week they didn't last all night. Woke up Tues feeling good and still fever free! Went to OB at 1 pm for 2 week check up and was told all was well, she squeezed more drainage out of incision and said it looked good. Still no fever and permission to drive!

Left there to take baby to get weighed and check bowels (hadn't pooped in 5 days). Weight was the same for the week...(better than losing), especially after all I had gone through this week. So I will be fattening him up this week. Then the doctor put on gloves put Vaseline on his pinky and gave my baby a little help to loosen his stools. As soon as he pulled his finger out...presto, poop problem solved.

Off to home still feeling good. Then a half hour later my wicked hot flashes/chills came back with my fever. So off to bed feeling like I had all week. Now I have a persistent cough to boot...not sure if I got it from my body temp changing so much ,or picked up a germ at the ER???

It is night and my fever is lower, so good news is coming...I just know it!!!


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still praying!