Friday, September 18, 2009

The Labor story...viewers discretion advised!!!

Labor story:
Sunday 13th (10 days late) started to lose plug!!! Finally something is happening!!!

Got my birthing room all set, bed double made, and stuff lined up for midwifes.

10:30 pm contractions started. Four minutes apart one midwife on the way around midnight and other is coming soon. Went for walk with midwife, husband left sleeping, college age daughter sees on facebook that midwife is coming calls and wakes up father to see I am gone, midwife stuff is here and door open. I am six centimeters; contractions stay four minutes apart with no progression. Other midwife is here and decides to sleep. I try some midwife tricks and a nap. Wake up around 6:30 and kids go to grandma’s thinking Monday is a good day to have a baby, kids all settled and house is quiet. Start walking again, resting, rocking, bouncing, hopping, showering, squatting, Spiderman crawl upstairs, and other tricks…nothing working. Four in the afternoon, I start pushing hard. Push for about two hours, no progression. Very uncomfortable, start pushing again, about 9 cm and I break very strong water…thinking baby will just come down…bad news baby is very happy in bad position. Coming brow first and once water breaks he jumps back up, making me 6cm again!!! I am totally spent and done at this point!!! Lost all strength, physically and mentally!!!

Midwifes have a meeting and decide I have a couple of options:
1. Go to hospital to get epidural and relax
2. Go to hospital and have a c section
3. Go to sleep and try later

It is like 9pm and I totally want to go to hospital and be knocked out and cut open!!! I don’t think they believe me because we drive to hospital-very, very, uncomfortably, with my water dripping all over me, the car, and the emergency room. My sister and midwife come too. They meet with the hospital midwife and they all decide I should take some drugs and relax so I can push later…I am screaming at everyone I see to put a mask on my face, knock me out, and cut this baby out of me. Baby is so happy in weird position, they think I really just need to rest and push later…hump-I have some sensations to kind of push and they cheer me on…I am not impressed, I just want to be cut open. I pretend about 3 more pushes, I am 10 cm dilated but baby is not coming down. They try to break the news to me and tell me I need a c section-duh!!! Hurry up. It is midnight and around one I am cut open, Baby Kolbe is out, I totally want to nurse him…dad is holding him, he screams for about 45min they stitch me back up bring me to my room and I nurse my baby!!! The nurses come in and tell me it is time to take him to the nursery…I say sorry I just got him and don’t want him to have any testing anyway…but they think that being 9lbs 11oz he should have supplements…I laugh-say he is my 12th baby and my last one was 11 lbs!!! They look at me with total surprise, smile and leave. They come back in the morning and take him with daddy for about 45min. I feel like it is endless…ready to come home…stay all day, Rob brings some of the kids…bed is crinkly, pillow scratchy, hospital loud, people keep coming in, I have allergic reaction to duramorph medicine and am itching like crazy…finally take Benadryl, not knowing my itching will get worse…take double dose later, nurses are kind and shocked by me…laugh that there are wanted posters of me around the hospital, because I am so “different” , hence the home labors…8pm have some more guests…sad that hubby will leave me alone with the baby and feel great. Ask over and over again for doctor to come talk with me. Pediatrician checks the baby out and he is great. Nurse comes in and I tell her I want to sign release for me and baby to leave…she is in shock and tries to talk me out of it. Sends in two doctors, I explain that my two midwives have scheduled to visit me for the next two days. I go home. Everyone is mad at me, I have tons of help here and my hubby changes diapers, carries me to the bathroom, and is very helpful. Then my pain med wears off and I am in a ton of pain, I start ibuprofen and alternate with Tylenol. I start feeling better in the morning, very sore tummy. The more I empty my bladder the better I feel.

So it is Friday now…both midwives have come. I am doing fine…still in bed for awhile. My five year old thinks I got it made, “mom everyone is cooking and cleaning for you!!!” My milk came in…lovely new pain.

So much for my beautiful labor story…it is because I am pleased to have this beautiful gift from God next to me. I guess I never should of posted this.

I am so blessed...we have never had so many people praying for us...priest, nuns, seminarians, sisters, families, and friends, as well as total strangers!!! It could of been totally worse!!!



Maurisa said...

Absolutely love the story, Sam! You are a trooper. I hope you had something awesome to offer up for all the pain you went through.

momto5minnies said...

Great story!

I don't like hospitals either ... way more comfortable in my own home.

SWEET photo of baby Kolbe!

Kim said...

Congratulations and God bless you all!!
--Kim from Wisconsin

Melissa said...

You make me laugh Sam! Although we all love tearful birth stories, in the end it doesn't matter how Kolbe got here.....he's here and he's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Sam, We met many years ago at a Co-op at Our Lady of the Fields,actually my hubby was at a campout w/same group down at Assateague Island and also met you guys... Anyway, Congrats on the new baby !! Beautiful child !!I'm happy to hear that although it was a somewhat tenuous situation, everyone is well. My 12th came out w/ a knot in his cord !Many Blessings to you all !
Anna... momma to 13 ( here ) 6 w/ the Lord.