Monday, September 7, 2009



This week I finally watched TITANIC. Yes, the Titanic that everyone in the world watched over ten years ago...what a bust...I guess my expectation were way high...everyone I know loved this movie. I thought it was ok, but in such a long movie, which could of covered lots of stuff and people, it just covered one couple. Not appropriate for kids.

NEXT MOVIE: That Darn Cat

One of our families all time favorite films...we watch it about once a year. It is an oldy but a goody. A must watch if you can find it.


Maurisa said...

I had forgotten Monday was your movie review day :-)

I reviewed a movie for today, too, kind of funny.

I also did not get the hype over Titanic. I did not like it at all!

Anonymous said...

erh00dWatch State of Play- its interesting. And if you can take it, Valkyrie is a really good one. Neither one of these will in anyway prepare you to have a baby or inspire you or anything, but they make for interesting conversation.nor are they good for children. The shopaholic movie is ok too, but I think its instructional value will be lost on you-you are far too squared away to benefit from its object lesson.
Titanic was great for the period costuming, and what the benefits of a severe diet plan, serious personal trainer, millions of dollars, and an airbrush can by you for an hour and a half on film.:o(

Jess said...

Wow, I must be the only person left in the universe who hasn't seen Titanic yet. I did cave and watch about 2 minutes of it near the end just to see Ioan Gruffudd (the handsome Welsh actor who rescues Kate Winslet's character from the water), but that was it.

When I was a kid and the Disney Channel was still awesome, we used to LOVE the movies in the evening, and That Darn Cat was one of our favorites! I still laugh hysterically when the guy gets caught in the garage door!