Monday, September 28, 2009


WOLVERINE: I though tit was creepy, gory, and very violent. I even had to close my eyes a bunch of times. But when you have been in bed for10 days and are lonely for your hubbies company---you'll watch anything to spend time with him+++
So-I guess teens and above.
SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON: Absolute classic!!! We have been watching this for over 10years!!! I think the kids could watch it once a month and never get sick of it!!! Maybe the little guys would be afraid of the pirates (not too scary).
We also love the audio tapes that are read by the author-some think it is too old fashion,but my kids love it!!!

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Maurisa said...

I second you on Wolverine! I'd say OLDER teens and above.

We love Swiss Family Robinson as well, although one of our family literary critics (who shall remain nameless) was really upset that the movie was nothing like the book. Phtttthh, critics!