Friday, May 15, 2009

House keeping:

I have been asked how I keep my house clean...well after my 8Th i couldn't believe how much time I spent nursing and had to reevaluate some that time I used the flylady and tried to reclaim my home...I try to live day by day to these ideas.

By no means is my houses neat but to those of you without big guys to help try this:

1. leave front room/house clean...everything else whatever (upstairs is last to get clean)
2. ask friends/neighbors/etc to help fold laundry, read to kids/etc... while you clean
3. have kids do it/ the fly lady says a poorly swept kitchen is better than none at gets better when they are older...
4. I do have a lady comes clean my bathrooms once a month...she charges $21 an hour and an older lady help with school for a ministry who charges $5 an hour but I try to pay her more because I love her so; she come about 3 hours a week.
5.I also have had teens over to play with the kids, even 10 year old neighbors who love kids can play with a toddler while I clean up the house.
6. Have a flexible schedule, with a job chart!!!

90% of the time the front room is clean...kinda my haven and the first thing my husband/others see.


Well the other morning I got caught totally off guard...I had early morning unexpected guests. Usually I love "pop in hellos" but this time I looked like a slob, my kitchen area was a disaster...(eggs still in pan, cereal out, stuff on the floor, kids everywhere doing school, and piles of stuff laying around) Pretty much typical but definitely not company ready!!! The worst part was it was my oldest child's gorgeous god-mother who looks like a model and is due with her 3rd the same time I am. Of course she looked typically stunning and me in my jeans and ponytail!!! She hadn't stopped by in years...days of all days!!! To make matters worse...her husband, an ex-boyfriend of mine was with her. So I just welcomed them in and kinda kicked the stuff out of the way!!!

Maybe it will motivate my to keep on top of things more...Just thought I would share some real life blogging with you!!!



Mary @ Cheerios said...

Thanks for being so "real"!!! You are doing a great job Sam! Keep up with all this advice :) God bless, Mary

Anonymous said...

I think that if there is no visible difference between twelve and three, what the heck do the nail and spear wounds mean still there on the Risen Christ's perfect and most desireable body?
Isn't it crazy the standards we set for ourselves?

(Just in case I sound like I have arrived all of this is from the woman popping every appetite suppressant in the house to try to take off at least five pounds before the wedding, and wasting hours on the internet in search of a Hollywood hairstyle they can get right at the Supercuts...)