Wednesday, May 20, 2009


TODAY is my 20 year wedding anniversary!!!

WOW...has it been a crazy ride!!! Got pregnant on our honeymoon and they kept coming!!! (thank God!!!) Let's see: 13 kids (one miscarriage), not to mention the diapers, nights without sleep, 1 hospital birth, 8 home births, and 2 birth care births, and 3 houses, lots of cars, suburbans, and vans, car accidents!!! Can't forget the many many great memories and laughs we have had and will have!!!

We are heading out for a second honeymoon to Florida with kids all at relatives!!! Wow-it has been since our first honeymoon that we have been alone for more than a night or two together!!!

My husband is amazing, helpful, patient, and did I say human?

I LOVE YOU HONEY!!! Thanks for putting up with me!!!

I look forward to another fantastic 2o!!!



Anonymous said...

You guys are wonderful- You know you can tell how much you love each other from the photos- its such a beautiful testimony to the value of the sacrament and to this Catholic big family vocation. I hope you have a blast in Florida and we will pray for the well being of all the kids while you are gone. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Rob said...

Hi lover - I look too bald in that first picuture

Maurisa said...

Congratulations! Have a wonderful 2nd honeymoon. Who knows when you'll have that much time alone again!

Bald is beautiful, unless you have gorgeous locks like your lovely wife, and me, of course :-)

Mary @ Cheerios said...

CONGRATS!!! may God bless you both abundantly with many many mnay more years of happiness, joy, craziness and laughter. Thanks for all you do for others, thanks for sharing your family with ours, thanks for being YOU!!! You guys rock! Can't wait to see you all soon ! :) God bless, Mary
p.s. Rob, it's all about the hair, dude.

me said...

Sweetie-that's ok, I look old and fat...but I love when you hold me, so I had to share that picture!!!

Katie said...

Congrats Sam and Rob!! We love you guys and your family! May God Bless you with many more wonderful years to come.