Friday, September 12, 2008

Day in the least for now...

SCHEDULES, SCHEDULES, SCHEDULES...I have been asked over and over again what my daily schedule looks like. I also have been asked by many if they could just sit and watch me homeschool...well, it would probably scare most women into sending their kids to school and deciding not to have any more children...

So, Here is a "schedule" that I try to follow...most days are lived on a wing and a prayer!!! (My guardian angle Malachi has big wings!!!)

(usually when I am not pregnant or nursing a newborn-ha!!! 1/4 of my year)

5am- wake up quick morning prayer
5am-5:50am-most mornings exercise (walking in neighborhood/treadmill)
6am-meditation time
6:30 am-mass if everyone is still sleeping or meditation time if the kids are awake
7am-breakfast/finish meditation time if I went to mass/computer time
8am-finish up breakfast/get ready for school
8:30-school with little guys
10am-break/snack/or if on a roll-keep going. (as soon as they finish what is on their chart they are done)
12:00 angelus/nap time for 2 and 1year old
12:30-finish up school
1-2:30-play, read, finish up school...
2:30pm-snack-hopefully outside weather permitting
3-4:30-jobs/play outside or rooms
4:30-DAD HOME!!!
5pm-dinner/sometimes prayers at the dinner table before all disperse
5-7-sports in the fall and spring
7-winding down/reading/family prayers/radio shows/books on tape
Little guys can stay awake in their rooms if they are quiet and not fighting...if not lights off!!!
Big guys...hang with mom and dad/games/movies/computer/finishing up school and jobs...finishing up activities...check email and schedules for next day.
9pm lights and dad are going to sleep!!!
***added 9/14: When I am pregnant, I am totally asleep at 9...when Rob is in training he too is out by then. Otherwise we really are pretty much asleep between 9-10 on the weeknights. People make fun of us. We just add that to one of the ways we survive. Sleep is vital in our lives. Small nursing babies adjust things...they usually sleep with us until they aren't getting up real often at night. Trust me. I do not have babies who sleep through the night real soon.

***from morning till night the kids and I are doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, and taking care of the babies...don't really have a "plan on what day we do certain jobs"...we do them all every day!!! Each kid does have a specific day to do laundry. See Job chart...

OK...I am exhausted just thinking about it
Thy will be done!!!+JMJ+


Cassie said...

I have really been thinking about homeschooling - mostly to eliminate the chaos that comes with leaving in the morning and the homework/hungries/trying to cook dinner/going to soccer practice chaos that comes in the evening. But there is no way on earth that I could wake up at 5:00 a.m. - especially pregnant or taking care of a nursing baby that doesn't sleep through the night (so far about 6 1/2 of the last 8 1/2 years). How do you do that?? Think I could get away with a 7 a.m wake up and still manage it all? I do like the uninterrupted morning prayer/mediation time, but I just don't think I could do the early wake-up.

sam said...

Cassie...I couldn't do it way back then either!!! It is my survival tool now that I have so many. My real secret is going to bed early during the weeknights!!! I am a morning person too!!! Do what works best for your family!!! Don't try to live another person's "virtual" life. You are doing just fine...and I agree with your thoughts about homeschooling. People think I am some kind of organizational guru...I would die if I had to follow someone else's schedule. Babysteps!!!

Cassie said...

Well, that helps, thanks. I really deire to take the plunge, but I am scared. I fear giving up my free time - that I use mostly for volunteer work at church, and the occasional coffee with a friend - but the chaos I was talking about is so bad, it probably would be worth it. I guess with older kids, you can manage to get out if you need to. I wouldn't be able to do that, but I guess I would find some way to work that out. Anyway, thanks for responding. I love reading your blog and especially when you talk about your big family!

Sam said...

Cassie – I have a very helpful husband. When we only had little kids I went out plenty in the evenings. I go out after putting the little kids to bed. To make this easier we started putting them to bed at 7pm when we only had a few. Then I could go out without feeling guilty about leaving my husband to deal with them alone.

Cassie said...

I do that now too! :-) I have a book club and a Bible study that meets in the evening. And our littlest ones have a 7 p.m. bedtime too. Funny how similar we are in that respect! Yes, my husband is helpful as well. I don't know how anyone would have a large family and not have a helpful husband. Bless you. Thank you for all your advice!

momto5minnies said...

I can understand the need for certain schedules (morning and evening) to be enforced. SLEEP is so important.

I am going nuts with 5 children in school right now. I won't rule out a big change for next school year. I did like the ease of stress that came with homeschooling (I only did 2 last year + a toddler).