Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My son's first mass...

I couldn't pass up the title of this post...you will see why when you see the pictures below!!! Before I get to those...who could pass up my first communicant again. My very wise parish has a May Procession on Mother's Day...the First Communicants get to dress up again. My kids love the opportunity to look so special in front of the entire parish!!! The parish processes to the Grotto of Our Lady of Rock Springs on our parish property. Then the First Communicant's get to give our Lady flowers. So special and such a wonderful Mother's day tradition.

His new missal

His new bible

OK, First Mass: My son Robert who became an alter server on Holy Thursday served his First Mass this weekend!!! Here he is with one of his big brothers and his three mass mentors, some of the older alter servers...two of which are my husband's and my Godsons!!!

Our wonderful pastor!!!

More First Mass pictures!!! Aren't they so cute? The boys are using some of the pieces from the First mass kit I talked about here.

See the holy young one in black? That is sweet J from this Holy Blogger!