Wednesday, May 27, 2009


If you deal with envy issues please read elsewhere!!!

My husband has taken me to Florida for 6 days to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary!!! We have never been away from the kids this long!!! Each year we try to get away for a night or two but never this far and this long.

We left Sunday around 12:30 and my wonderful sister took us to the airport and my two little girls to my other sisters house about an hour away. We left three teenagers home with Geama and baby E, who will be two in August. I think we are more concerned about Geama misbehaving than the kids!!! My super sister in love and her husband took the three middle boys and the babysitting 14 year old girl.

The flight went well and uneventful. We were so excited to be away we probably wouldn't of noticed otherwise!!!

We are staying at my father in loves house in a gated golfing community!!! We got picked up at the airport by my hubby's step mother's dad and his wife. We were not only greeted to a beautiful home but they had flower's and a cute anniversary cake for us!!! I have never been to a gated retirement community before. It is absolutely beautiful and quiet beyond comprehension!!! The attention to detail around here...and there are hardly any people around, not to mention young people!!! The STOP signs and other street signs are sponge painted to match the neighborhood!!! So cute and funny!!!

Did I mention the convertible Mercedes Benz in the garage...this is pretty cool especially when you are used to driving a 15 passenger van or a 9 passenger suburban!!! You should see my hubby and I cruising the streets with my big old pregnant self!!! Our cool factor is way up!!!

Sunday night we went to a Chinese restaurant, went swimming in the home pool, read, watched TV and relaxed!!! When I mentioned the kids to my man, he said, "kids? What KIDS?" At this time I am thinking this is amazing and having a blast!!!

Monday I woke up at 5:30am tossing and turning expecting to see the little guys any time...sweetie goes running and I get dressed. We head out for 8:30 mass down the road and come home, go swimming, read, eat out, go for a walk, read some more, swim, go out to eat, come home take a nap, read, go swimming, watch TV, and go to bed...I can't figure out why I don't totally pass out like I do at home!!! Oh yeah, I haven't been chasing kids and cleaning all day...not to mention the naps I took all day!!! Called all the they even care? Everyone is is raining at poor babysitters are all stuck with kids in doors!!!

Tuesday we went to mass to find out that the on line mass times were we just made a visit to the blessed sacrament!!! We were picked up by "step-grand dad" and his wife for lunch on the water. (YES, we are so spoiled!!!) We came home for a swim, nap, eat leftovers for dinner, a walk, and to watch a movie. I am starting to hate the silence and miss my kids!!! (shhh...don't tell my man!!!)

It is Wednesday and we made it to the correct time for mass. Rob went for a run, I cleaned out my inbox and went for a walk. Now we are sitting like a couple of yuppies (do they still call them that?) at a sandwich/salad shop with our laptops catching up on the real world!!!

We are heading out in a bit to visit with friends who moved here last year and then out to dinner.

More later...I think I need another nap or maybe call the kids again!!!



Tonya said...

I struggle with envy, but think that after 20 years and 12 kids (#13 on the way) you have EARNED the right to take a week off! Glad you are having a wonderful time! Take an extra nap for all of us not getting a week off, will ya?

Tonya said...

I realize I wrote #13 on the way - oops. Maybe I'm foreseeing the future for you. :-) I DO know this is #12!

momto5minnies said...

How wonderful! Hopefully you enjoyed yourself and didn't dwell too much on those kiddos back home ;)

I think the husband and I are planning our first kid free vacation for our 15th anniversary.