Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Communion Day...

First Communion Day is always an exciting time in our house!!! Everyone running around trying to make the day perfect for the sweet little darling!!!

Here is a before Communion picture:

Here is an after Communion picture: (can't you see the holiness shining through!!!)

Getting love from the baby...

It wouldn't be a sacrament with out our favorite Sisters from the Servant's of the Lord to celebrate with us!!!

And our favorite associate pastor to stop by for a hello!!!

Did I forget to mention the day of rain, rain, and more rain...with about 60 people stuffed in our house? It was still a blast and our sweet FIRST COMMUNICANT had a wonderful day!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh Sam! He looks so handsome! I love the face in that one shot- he has a vocation too, eh?

Maurisa said...

He's adorable. I think he's young enough I can still write that :-)

I love the after picture.

Wish we could have been there! Congratulations!