Friday, May 8, 2009

IMITATION OF CHRIST: Meditation of the day...

The Forty-Seventh Chapter
Every Trial Must Be Borne for the Sake of Eternal Life (part two)

The Voice of Christ

If you could see the everlasting crowns of the saints in heaven, and the great glory wherein they now rejoice—they who were once considered contemptible in this world and, as it were, unworthy of life itself—you would certainly humble yourself at once to the very earth, and seek to be subject to all rather than to command even one. Nor would you desire the pleasant days of this life, but rather be glad to suffer for God, considering it your greatest gain to be counted as nothing among men.

Oh, if these things appealed to you and penetrated deeply into your heart, how could you dare to complain even once? Ought not all trials be borne for the sake of everlasting life? In truth, the loss or gain of God’s kingdom is no small matter.

Lift up your countenance to heaven, then. Behold Me, and with Me all My saints. They had great trials in this life, but now they rejoice. They are consoled. Now they are safe and at rest. And they shall abide with Me for all eternity in the kingdom of My Father.

Dear Lord, help me remember to offer up my small trials for the purity of my children and be strong against the temptations I encounter.


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Kim said...

Oh Sam thank you for posting this meditation! It was JUST what I needed today!
--Kim in WI