Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what's for dinner???

Been married for 20 years and still haven't figured out this cooking thing...have tried all sorts of gimmicks from once a month cooking, cool cookbooks, to Internet sites like this. The best advice I can give and live by is simple, simple, simple!!! The kids don't like it when I cook fancy or use special spices and additions...Actually the best cooking advice I can give is having an amazing group of friends and family who cook for you when you have a baby!!! Last baby we had; we had meals cooked for us for over 2 months!!! Now that is a cool cooking solution...and now you know why Rob and I are having our 12Th child!!!

yikes, I am a really bad cook...my husband is a great cook...we eat super simple and easy...not organic...(tried this-way too expensive for us)

For example:
pasta (tortellini, ravioli, sausage, meatballs)
beef (roast)
turkey (whole)
chicken (roasted)
breakfast for dinner (eggs, pancakes...)
a ham
pork roast
hamburgers/hot dogs
steak sandwich's
(whatever meat is on sale)

we serve some form of noodles, rice, or potatoes with each meal...some kind of bread, salad or veggie...

dessert every other night or on special feast days...



Maurisa said...

This is one area you and I are not soul sisters on :-( I love to cook. I even love menu planning. I just can't stand grocery shopping.

Do any of your children enjoy cooking? Mine love it, but I have a hard time relinquishing control in the kitchen. I need to be better about that so they can work on their skills in the kitchen.

sam said...

Yes Maurisa...you should know I am the rlinquishing queen!!! That is on reason I am not a good cook...Rob took over for so many years...I never had the time to learn...my kids each have a day they "help" with dinner...another reason easy is best in this house!!! +JMJ+

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Hey Sam :) You and I are on the same page with cooking-whatever is easy and quick for sure...but I do LOVE to make a good meal loaded with time and energy and seasons and cutting up etc... unfortunatly I can't find the time now to do it! i know...seasons chagne so I am sure I can get to do it in our next season.
My question is...when does your hubby find TIME to do the cooking?! Does he cook daily or on the weekends? My hubby loves to cook but it takes him FOREVER! so i ultimately cave in and do it in 1/2 or more of the time it'd take him!!!
How does he do it? Advice very welcome and I'll be sure to tell my hubby all about it :)
God bless, Mary

Sam said...

Mary: don't compare!!! My sweetie comes home at 4:30pm and works from home on tues/thurs!!! So I would just be patient and maybe have him do weekend cooking...

I also have most of the prep ready when he gets home...so he will just put on the finishing touches...

We are a good team!!!