Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prayers across the world:

It started off last night about 8 8 year old wanted to know where all the people lived who were praying for us we made a map...posted it on Facebook and we were done at 4:50pm today!(less than 24 hours) Along the way we got all the continents except Antarctica!

It sure kept my mind off things, being in bed all day...kinda like license plate tag from bed! To see the outpouring of prayers and friends calling friends was amazing!

Thanks everyone for sharing in this pregnancy with us, and keep praying...I heard the heart beat today and am drinking water as much as possible.We are so blessed and are hoping for a MIRACLE!



Judy said...

A challenge for your older kids:

Wikipedia has a list of all the summer and permanent bases on Antarctica (tell Barbara she was wrong, there are people there). They have links to the stations' web pages and some of them have a way to contact the staff via guest book or email.

All of them have fascinating information about the geography and wildlife of Antarctica.

Anonymous said...

You can add New Hampshire to the map because I'm praying for you too. Cindy

jessica said...

Found your blog through Jessica @ Shower of Roses. You and your sweet baby will be in my prayers. :)

Praying in Indiana,

Jessica <><