Monday, July 23, 2012


I have dreamed for 22 years of a day just to lay in my bed to nap, read, and pray! Well, let me tell you something, after being on bed rest for seven days-it is not what you think it would be...

I try to nap-but I can't cuz i haven't done anything to make me tired!  I try to read while being flat on my back, and my neck starts hurting. I  try to pray and the words roll off my tongue into he hands of God but I miss the times I would make my work a praying for my family while I fold their laundry. Or offering up the dirty daily tasks for those who don't have a home or kids. I especially miss holding and rocking my babies to bed at night, which was a task I always complained about cuz I was so tired myself!

I tell my kids, God has called us each to a special vocation,  it is our job to find out what is and EMBRACE it!

So, embrace your vocation and keep having those babies! (especially while your young!) I'm 44 and I miss the days when was 30 and had six kids under nine!

Kiss your babies and say a prayer for my baby Steven Thomas!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

We will be praying hard for you and baby Steven Thomas. You don't know me personally but I have seen you and your kids at daily Mass at St. Pius. May the blessed Mother wrap you and baby Steven in her holy and gentle arms and through her powerful intercession may your hearts desires be granted. Amen.

Your sister-in- Jesus+Mary+Joseph.

Maria said...

Dear Sam, This kind of "work" is probably the hardest you have ever had to "do." To be still and know that He is God.

My worst sin has been trying to go out and "grab" grace from the hands of God. But to be still and allow Him to pour it into us is so much holier but so much more difficult.

Let it "Be done unto you!"
God Bless,

Kathy said...

Wow! We were at scout camp last week and I haven't been checking the blogs lately. I will be praying for you, your family and baby Steven Thomas.

Here's a question: Does your eldest daughter realize that menopause doesn't generally hit until 50? Is she really prepared to wait another 6 years to start her family? Who knows, you may get your wish yet ;)

Sending prayers from MN

Anonymous said...

Sam, the Blue nuns are at the retreat house in up state New York and just called to ask for your phone number(which I don't have) I know we are all praying.Hugs Jean

Karen said...

I'm praying for you and Steven Thomas. Being on bed rest isn't easy. Hang in there and know that you have lots of people storming heaven with prayers for you and your precious little one.

Tina Marie said...

Hi Sam,
I have been offering up my St. Anne Novena for both of us. I am off bedrest now and awaiting the arrival of our baby. I offer up my daily tasks for you and Steven Thomas. Hang in there.

I see that you have blogged about the St. Gerard relics. I have them and am wearing his medal around my neck. After my last miscarriage, I prayed a Novena to St. Gerard and promised him that if we were blessed with another boy, he would bear his name. My husband had a dream before we knew that we were expecting. He was told to name the baby Adam Gerard. We are expecting a boy. Our own little miracle.

The power of prayer is so strong. You and your baby our in my prayers. God Bless.