Thursday, July 26, 2012


First the good news...Steven is alive with a strong heartbeat!

I just came back from the doctors and the other news isn't too great.
My water is not replenishing and the little guy has no's MIRACLE is for me to reseal!
My dates have been questionable from the start and he said it looks like I am 18weeks 2 days. The baby is growing fine and looks perfect. I had a really tough day yesterday...trying to find a position that I wasn't leaking fluid. The best seems to be on my left side which after awhile gets uncomfortable.

Bear with me while I complain a bit...I am totally a hyper person (Good thing they didn't know about ADHD when I was a kid!) so I am pretty much crawling out of my skin. My neck hurts so I can't really read back hurts so I keep trying to readjust myself and not lose fluid. I drink water constantly...but that means I have to go to the bathroom about every 30 min and getting up doesn't help my fluid.

I am not a super neat person and my kids are great about doing their daily jobs...but today was the first time in ten days that I left my bed to walk to the car for my Dr appointment...the house wasn't too bad; but it was much more disorganized than usual. So, I am trying not to nag everyone. I usually use the summers to regroup and get organized for our school year...but I can't move around enough to even look through their books and that is driving me crazy.

OK...done with the husband is SUPERMAN working from home, keeping everything intact, holding and loving our 6 month old foster baby, making sure the kids are clean and fed, and that I'm comfortable. My friends and community are amazing...the masses, rosaries, sacrifices, prayers, help, visits, gifts, laundry, meals, and support are so great!

So, I will continue to fight for Steven's life and take up my small suffering for so many intentions and all of you who are supporting me!



Teresa said...

PS Sorry, I thought you had moderated comments. You can delete that if you want to, I won't be at all offended.

Kathleen said...

Sam, so happy to hear that Steven is growing despite all of the challenges you and he are up against. We will keep praying for you. Complain all you want! Bed rest is not easy regardless of all the help you have been getting these past weeks.

P said...

Hi, Sam!

This happened in my 4th pregnancy. I researched online and found out that taking long (over 30 min) baths increases amniotic fluid. Maybe you should ask your doctor about it. I took long baths and it helped a lot. My baby was born just fine, with plenty of liquid.

I hope it helps.

I'll pray for you!
In Christ,
Patricia Medina (a reader from Brazil) :D

Sam said...

Patricia, I will check... I would be worried about infection. I will check it out! Thanks for the prayers and advice!

Anonymous said...

Ok, try hydrating with a water mix with unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar and local raw honey, 1c. each to 1 gallon of water- it can help you with everything. Make sure you are getting omega 3s in a supplement too- a number of them. Also see if Rob can find you a wedge of foam that will elevate your hips while you are lying down- like a big low incline wedge of memory foam. I think the bath idea sounds like a good plan too with perhaps a light go around with a mineral mixture- epsom salts and other minerals/ dead sea salts and lavendar oil, but not much- some thing that helps your body have an equilibrium- something you might soak in if you had alot of swelling-- I'll look around for a recipe and some instructions!
Praying for you both!

Sam said...

doing omega 3-
sounds like baths at this point aren't a good idea due to infection
Jo=I would feel much better if you were here to take care of me!

De Liliis said...

Many prayers for your little child's health and life!

It's such a heart rending situation!

But one must always pray and hope and keep the peace of the Lord in gentle trust!

Infant Jesus, meek and mild, pity a little child.

Heart of Jesus I adore Thee,
heart of Mary I implore thee,
heart of Joseph pure and just,
in these three hearts I place my trust

May the Good Lord spare! Mercy and peace O Lord!

Keep stress low and trust in God!

Here's a pamphlet for Catholic parents who have to deal with the heartache of a miscarriage and preparation for baptism in such a case. 'How to Baptize in the Case of Miscarriage'

May God protect! Good and gentle Shepherd!

De Liliis said...

Oh well looks like my comment didn't work! Apologies!

A search on the subject will turn it up hopefully for one who wishes to read it!

Prayers! +JMJ!

Mikki said...

God bless and keep you and Steven safe and close to His heart.

Uplifting story: