Thursday, July 26, 2012

Listen up!

Hey to all you teenagers...especially mine...guard your precious purity with all your strength, heart, and mind!

If you think you "love" someone and want to give them your virginity than wait till the wedding vows have been spoken! There is no greater gift on your wedding night than giving your spouse this precious gift on the consummation of the covenant of your wedding.

If you can't sacrifice and hold off now, while your dating...what kind of sacrifices and commitment will you be able to make in the midst of growing together with all the stress marriage can bring? Marriage is a wonderful sacrament full of wonder and excitement...but believe the midst of the diapers, dishes, bills, and broken down is tough.

Dating is boot camp for the most important job in life. If marriage is the vocation that you choose...practice virtue while your dating! Purity, self control, patience, wisdom, learning to listen, self sacrifice, suffering, giving, openness to life, immobility,  and hundreds of others! These are just ones I needed to work on this morning!

Trust me, I have never met a person on this wonderful earth who has regretted being a virgin on their wedding day! If it is too late, I believe God gives us a new beginning through confession. Secondary virginity is a very powerful tool also. God is a miracle worker and can pour graces down on anyone who is willing +

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