Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Playmobil has been one of our all time favorite toys. For fourteen years they have been scattered on my floor...stepped on...and most of all loved. We own over a 100 sets and over 10 thousand pieces. You name it we have it...it is crazy!!!

What I like about PLAYMOBIL:
*good for any age
*good for boys and girls
*can mix and match with each piece
*great company to work with, they replace pieces right away and usually for free
*any hobby or theme you enjoy-they have it...princess, pirates, civil war, vikings, Santa, fairies, Noah's Ark, Nativity, community helpers, (you name it!!!) etc...

What I don't like about PLAYMOBIL:
*too many pieces
*very hard to store
*small pieces easily lost
*pretty addictive

Even my one and three year old can play with them

I took the matchbox cars out of this display and put in some of our guys...If you have any ideas about storing these toys...let me know.


Rob said...

for the negatives you forgot:

-i spend too much of my husbands money on them

-the women aren't as good looking as Barbied

Anonymous said...

You did not mention bowel transit time- that is always necessary info for little tiny toys in my world- personally I think the girl Playmobile figures are just fine thank you very much and if you really had enculturate ( I made that word up) Pollies might work- they are less of a caricature, but not much- and have the same pieces to parts ratio as far as tiny stuff to contend with- however, Pollies are softer on the feet to step on.
We don't have any of these toys because no one in my household will take care of them and they end up broken and in the trash. Same thing for Legos, Kinex etc. I am down to sending my kids in the yard for sticks if they complain for toys- if I can keep them out of the silverware drawer.

Jess said...

My family was introduced to Playmobil when we lived overseas and we became huge fans!

One of my fondest Christmas memories is the year we recieved a bunch of "Western" items (Silver Ranch, Colorado Springs Station, Indian Reservation, School House, and Train). We unwrapped the boxes, but they seemed a little too light. We ran to the third floor where the Playmobil was kept and couldn't believe our eyes.

My sainted father had set every single thing up. And it wasn't just "put together," either. There were little vignettes everywhere. The train was being robbed, there was a shootout at the Ranch, school was just being let out, the calvary was parading out of Fort Randall, and traders were at the Indian Village. It was awesome!

And oh, the fun we had with the Victorian house...

me said...

Jess-little do you know your dad had more fun than you did...and we love our now four level victorian house when it hasn't been knocked over by the little guys!!!

Jo-in all these years I am totally surpurised I haven't had a kid swallow a lego or a small playmobil+++

Rob said...

you don't know for sure they haven't swallowed a lego or playmobil....unless you are that thorough of a poop-checker

Jess said...

Oh, I know he did! He played with us as much as he could, especially if we played with the Western sets. We grew up watching John Wayne westerns, so of course that's how we played.

And every Christmas my parents and youngest sister (who is 12 and still at home) set up our Victorian house and decorate it for the holiday.

I can't wait until my daughter is old enough for Playmobil 1-2-3!

Charlotte (Matilda) said...

That is a fabulous storage solution!