Saturday, June 27, 2009

Creative Discipline Ideas:

When people compliment me on "some" of my kids behavior, I usually just say that I am mean...the truth to that is I don't take slack and I am not afraid to say no. I could give you a hundred different discipline ideas but I can't give you the perseverance to follow through. Having a large family is crazy enough without wild children running amuck!!!

Discipline in love not frustration. Try to use positive reinforcement as much as possible. (a real hard one for me) I find limiting activities and "favors"(getting stuff) makes children less stressed out and appreciative. Of course a tired and hungry child is a grouchy child!!! Being at home with your kids provides an atmosphere of security and consistent rules.

I found this article by Lisa Whelchel useful because it breaks down different discipline problems like:

Bedtimes and Mealtimes
Controlling the Tongue
Forgetfulness and Lying
Tantrums and Whining

I also love the advice from Dr. Ray Guarendi not to mention the great laugh he provides our family.

Happy (UGH) disciplining...


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