Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Do bumper stickers tell our story or not?

BUMPER STICKERS are a way for people to express their feelings, beliefs, and accomplishments.

My very charitable husband has been searching for years for the bumper sticker that say's, "my homeschooler beat up your honor student !!!"

I practically get in accidents trying to read or understand half the bumper stickers on cars today.

I laugh when my really cute 16 year old son pulls out of the driveway to drive our 9 passenger suburban to work...he probably gets some pretty funny looks driving a car with bumper stickers that say, "MY BABY WAS BORN AT HOME" and "HOMESCHOOL".

Today I took my husband's small car. We call it our "sports car" it really is just a Chevy prism. (When you usually drive a fifteen passenger van or a suburban...than the small Chevy is a "sports car") Well, as I was driving down the beltway with my husband's running stickers that say: 26.2, 70.3, 140.6, I was getting some pretty funny looks. I have never really look liked a marathoner, more or less an IRON MAN. If they only new I was 7 months pregnant!!!

So what does your bumper stickers say about you??? OR NOT...


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Rob said...

you forgot to mention my "Dyslexics Have More Fnu" bumper sticker