Monday, June 15, 2009


The movie Dumb and Dumber is one of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen...but, throw in a sardonic husband and two teenage boys and they will roll on the ground with laughter!!!

Whenever (and it is often) things fall apart around here my husband and I just laugh and say, "Our pets heads are falling off!!!" and it seems to lighten things up.

The recent string of things gone wrong have been the car-$890 (monthly problem), the washing machine-$900 (big ouch), computer-$300, stove top to be fixed-$225,and when I came home from the pool I found the hot water heater had broken and drained in the classroom which had piles of books and stuff that I was organizing for fall-$1000 (another big pain and expense)...loving my husband and my kids=PRICELESS!!!

...somehow God provides for us and we just try to keep our sense of humor in it all!!!

I hope your pets heads aren't falling off!!!


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Anonymous said...

all my pets are decapitated in this sense-I am glad you are laughing, because it gives me some perspective...

So is this is bad time to ask you if you can get your RC team to fund raise( about $10 per person ) if they can squeeze it out for a project to help the guys at Cheshire in Fr. Shu's community? I am passing the hat for them again- more details via email if you want!