Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What we do for Holy Week...

I have been asked what we do for Holy Week and Easter. I really am embarrassed to say we are pretty normal and not real holy or organized...I think their is a false thinking that mother's of large families got all the answers and are organizational guru's...Maybe I will be like Jo next year...and be real organized.

My key to any success is being flexible and roll with the punches...and life with a big family throws lots of punches!!!

Usually we try to stay simple and quiet during Holy Week. Nothing too fancy or spectacular...On Spy Wed we finish up any liturgical and Easter crafts for decorations or gifts. Those who need to, go to confession that night.

Holy Thursday is one of our favorites, we get a sitter for the 3 babies and the rest of us go and participate in one of the most amazing masses of the year. This year we will be blessed to have our fourth son become an alter server!!! Our parish has one of the most outstanding alter servers in the diocese!!! We have about 90 young men from fourth grade to college age who serve. They are fantastic. Our son has been training for six weeks in preparation for this exciting event.

Good Friday is quiet time around here...we head off to noon stations at our home parish and then to down the street to another parish for live outdoor stations by the youth group (two of my teens participate)...they are both important to us and both very different. Then we go off to home for nap time, Jesus of Nazareth, and silence (no phone, computer, radio, etc...) till 3pm. We usually will have a quiet rest of the day and those who want will accompany mom or dad to Friday Night services, again overwhelmingly amazing. We have adoration after the service and a candlelight procession up to the chapel...very moving.

Saturday is pretty quiet and simple...sometimes we go to our town Knights of Columbus for their Easter Egg party. Then home to lay out clothes (the nicest, simple, pretty, and clean church clothes we can find), clean up and get ready for our Lamb supper...(sometimes with friends or family). This year we may have my daughter's friends from college.

Sunday Morning we usually get up have Resurrection Rolls and go to 8 am mass with my wonderful mother in love!!! Then off to see my family and the big cousins in Hagerstown!!! After an early dinner we head to my husband's sister's house about an hour away, for more family fun...and lots of little cousins!!! Then we leave at bed time and have everyone fall asleep in the van covered with sugar!!!

Christ has Risen, He has risen indeed!!!


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Jo Flemings said...

You know everyone is thinking how do you have quiet time with x# of kids??!! It sounds so peaceful thanks for sharing! ( I am only a wannabe when it comes to organization...;o)! )