Friday, April 3, 2009


Years ago, (18 to be precise) we had our second child, he was a boy and we had a daughter 14 months older. We owned a Christian Bookstore with amazing customers, Catholic as well as many other denominations. After we announced the news of our son, we were disturbed at the large amount of people (God loving people) who commented on the fact that we had "the perfect family!!!" A girl and a boy!!! Well sure if that was what God intended for us, but the idea of being open to life was just crushed!!! I said to customers when I really got annoyed, "yes, now I can have ten boys and not worry about ever getting a daughter, or vise versa". Yes, I can be sardonic too!!!

The other day my husband said to me, "you know if we would of listened to all those people, we would have no children at home right now"...was he trying to rub it in or was it a scary thought? Our two oldest have been out of the house since the beginning of the year, and it has been very difficult to deal with. I never thought I would have "empty nest" with nine other darlings around!!! Then he started to elaborate...we wouldn't be friends with ..., or ..., or know these people, and we wouldn't have ...It was a horrible feeling!!! I wouldn't have the life I love or the friends I enjoy and we would be lonely and bored out of our minds!!!

So Lord, Thank you once again for our large,crazy, and wonderful kids!!!



Anonymous said...

It is a great grace to be so aware of how many blessings you derive from your large family-I humbly ask you to pray for me to have that same attitude!

Mau said...

And what about all the people you and Rob have influenced by modeling what it means to be open to life in such a positive and loving way. They may not have welcomed the children they now have!