Sunday, April 19, 2009

Because we could all use a little support...

I have been pregnant for 106 months of my life (one miscarriage) and since I was pregnant with my fourth child I have had to wear support hose. I am very blessed not to get morning/day sickness, need bed rest, or have to deal with many other bad side effects of pregnancy...people think that since I am pregnant again...that I must enjoy being pregnant...oh yeah and enjoy labor!!! "It must get easier each delivery right???" "The babies must just fall out..." yeah right...let me tell you a little gets harder...and did I mention I am usually 2 weeks late??? It is all worth it...and I would do it again, and again!!! Oh yeah, I have!!! Yes, I am crazy!!!

Back to the support hose....I used to wear full hose that cost about $130 each and I went through about two each I wear truform silicone thigh highs at 30-40mmh compression (it is not worth it for me to get a lesser compression), that cost about $35 and work great!!! People say, "how can you wear them everyday?" and I say, "how can't I?" I am protecting my legs for future pregnancy's and I pretty much can't walk with out them!!!

I had surgury on one vien after my eighth child, the doctor said he would wait till I was done having kids to do the surgury, but I was 33 and still going strong, so he agreed. He said it would just come back...but I have had 3 other kids since and it is fine.

Every morning before I get out of bed...I have to elevate my feet and put on my hose (or legs as I call them) one foot at a time...then I am off for the should see me when I am about 8 months pregnant and can barely reach my husband says he is going to video tape me to win a lots of money or show it to my children to scare them in the the convent or priesthood...yes, it is that funny and strange!!!

In the summer I usually put them on in the morning and take them off right before I head off to the pool to sit and lounge in the baby pool for the day. I also try to wear a long sarong to hide my legs...why can't we wear full suits and leggings like they used too???

In the winter I wear them all day and take them off before I take a shower. They keep me warm and my legs strong!!!

I can't complain about wearing support hose, it is way worth it...I have friends who get sick all day, are on bed rest, have to go on medication, have to go through lots of hoops to keep the baby support hose are worth it...yes, even if my varicose veins look like a road map of New York is way worth it, have you seen how cute my kids are???

Well, if nothing else it gives my husband something to laugh about in the morning!!!



Mau said...

Ho ho Sam! I feel for you! I can just picture you at 7 months plus fighting with the hose! I am with you 100%. It is totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

I think wearing hose in pregnancy for any woman is an athletic event, but you are do right about this being hard and harder as you get older and yes, most definitely worth it. Sam you can reap a whole harvest of vocations with the sacrifices offered up of having to wear those things in summer, YIKES! And I will pray for you!

Ellen Connolly said...

You are such an inspiration!

Zana said...

Hi, I'm a new reader, Ellen Connoly recommended your blog. I just got the $130 stocking version you mentioned for my third pregnancy, I'll have to try your more economical solution next time! My legs are so much better almost instantly after birth, are yours the same way?