Thursday, April 30, 2009

They call me HALF/CAFF...

I don't drink coffee like some junkies in my house...although I dream of the thought of having the extra energy boost...those who know me well, know that I have way too much energy and if I did drink coffee, I would act like this video.

BTW...we own the Clean film edited version of Kicking and Screaming and it is one of my husband and teenagers favorite movies...I hear the "real" version has some pretty inappropriate stuff in it. I don't think the movie is very good, but my family has found a ton of one liners from it especially the HALF/CAFF line...

So when I walked into the kitchen the other morning like this:

My husband and 16 year old son started calling me HALF/CALF!!!

Let me explain:
If you read this post you know that I wear thigh high support hose...well, I really can't get out of bed till I put these little buggers on...I have a couple different pairs next to my bed, black and tan...and when you are awaken very early in the morning by your 20 month old who wants!!! You grab what you can in kinda a drunken stupor...and if you can't find the matching pair...than you get the half/calf look...

Well, at least we all had a good laugh...if you haven't noticed...we do alot of laughing in this crazy house!!!



Mau said...

Oh Sam, that is so funny!

Mary said...

Ha ha!!!
What comes to mind when I saw that pic is "It's black, it's white" song!
thanks for the laugh...keep em coming!
God bless,

Party of Eight said...

You are so cute...but I still don't understand why you have to wear them?