Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Family rules and some milestones

My big kids keep reminding me of the rules...
so the little guys don't get away with anything they didn't get to do!!!
So they helped me compile this list together for a reminder:

Our Family rules and some milestones:
One –learn to walk
Two-learn to talk
Three-get on job chart
Four-give up naps & no more crib
Five- ride a bike
Six- learn to read
Seven/eight-first penance and first communion
10- Can have occasional sleepovers-girls get to paint their nails
11- iPod shuffle*
12-boy-knife & girl-ear pierced
13-Confirmed-ipod *
14-highschool & youth group activities
16-get a facebook
17-get a twitter, graduate & laptop *

*these things they purchase themselves

I am sure I forgot something and yes we make reasonable exceptions on occasion, like when I painted my little flower girls fingers purple for their big sisters wedding.  I am pleased when they ride a bike or read earlier than normal but this is just a guideline! 

My advice to anyone out there...
love your babies as much as you can...
and have lots of them if it is the 


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