Monday, March 4, 2013

Lenten Blessings:

One of the things we gave up for Lent was TV from Monday till Friday. 
We lived without a TV for 10 years...
boy,  those WERE the days! 
But that horrible machine came into the house and took over...
WE started saying no TV on school nights...
but when you homeschool and have three college kids...
 what exactly is a school night?
First it was a sport, than a cooking show, and oh the educational stuff...
well, it was on more and more! 

The kids have loved doing puzzles. 
They have loved them so much that I asked for some on FREECYCLE 
and I got eight great ones in one day!!!
They also have been pulling out games we haven't played for years...
and reading!!! 
Wow, I love to see my kids read!!!
Joseph, got this Smog Hobbit puzzle for his birthday...this started off the puzzle marathon!
Some other Lenten benefits:
My 16 year old gave up eating junk food for Lent so
she has been cooking up a storm of yummy healthy treats!
Each year we give up sweets and I actually love seeing them find alternative creative treats!
I know Lent isn't always about giving up stuff-
but in our desire for worldly things we grasp on to Our Lord for help!
I did stop our TV fast for this:

God Bless the Cardinals as they beg the HOLY SPIRIT for wisdom!
This ADOPT A CARDINAL site was a fun site for my kids!
Another Lenten commitment was to go to bed earlier for everyone...
so GOOD NIGHT I am off to bed!!!

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