Thursday, February 28, 2013


Cell Phone Rules (found them here and gave them a little tweak to meet my needs)
When our children turn 15 they get a phone. They pay for it and all services by themselves. 

1. Phone Number: Do not give your phone number to anyone who is not a close family friend without Mom or Dad's permission first.

2. Caller ID: Do not answer any calls or reply to any texts unless you know who it is (Caller ID). Always answer when Mom or Dad call, unless  you are driving.

3. Extras: No downloads ("Get It Now") or using the Internet ("Web") without permission ahead of time -- this costs extra.

4. At Night: Phone MUST be turned off by 10pm each evening and left in mom and dad’s room for charging. It stays off till the next morning after you're ready for school and/or chores are done.

5. Pictures: Sending pictures to anyone requires permission by Mom or Dad first, for now. If you receive any pictures from friends that make you uncomfortable, tell Mom or Dad about it. No taking inappropriate pictures of ANY KIND!

6. At School: Phone must be on "silent mode" during school hours and left in your backpack. The phone cannot be used at school during school hours unless you have your teacher's approval first.

7. Off Limits: No cell phone till your homework and jobs are done after and during family times (dinner, family night, etc).

8. Contact List: You can only call or text those who are on your contact list. Any additions to your contact list must be approved by Mom or Dad.

9. Inspection: Mom & Dad can request to inspect your phone at any time. (ANY PASSWORDS must be given to us)

10. Time Out: Remember this is our phone...If any of the above rules are broken, or you have a bad attitude, Mom or Dad may put the phone on "time-out" for as long as we feel it is necessary.

I am sure there will be more to add in the future.

Dear Lord, please protect my children. Help them see no evil, say no evil, and hear no evil, all the days of their lives...and if they do help them to have the courage to get to confession as soon as possible!!!


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letlovebesincere said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these rules. Working with young people, when I do parent nights, I often make some of these same suggestions!