Monday, September 8, 2008

New Blog...

This is a new site set up as a world wide apostolate to pray for women and their families during labor. Or if you are pregnant and want prayer for your pregnancy send your name, approx. due date and any special situations you would like prayer for.People who visit this site will be asked to pray for those in labor and their families.Women who are in labor will have their first names published only.Please send special prayers for labor and delivery as well as prayers that would apply to new mothers.Any advice on how to make this blog a better apostolate than let me know. This is just an inspiration my friend Mary from Conn. and I had to help others, especially stay at home moms who are limited in their apostolic acts, to be able to pray within their state in life.Feel free to add this site to your feed or reader as it is updated so you can pray for these women and their families!!!


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