Friday, September 26, 2008


We had a couple first kiss stories this month...My baby E gave me my first real, I know what I'm doing, your an OK mom...kiss!!! Of course we couldn't get it on we tried this shot!!!
My almost five year old daughter got her first kiss was from a tree frog!!! As her older brother was holding it, she said can I hold it and it jumped right on her lips!!! It was so hysterical and we call her Frog Lips now!!!
Speaking of First Kisses...have you ever read the Princess and the Kiss? It is an amazing story about a young girl who saves her first kiss for the right man. It is one of our favorites!!!
The Squire and the scroll is just as good...but, the Princess and the Kiss is definitely my favorite!!!


Rob said...

You are truly an amazing kisser.


Dipi said...

That is a beautiful photo of yourself and your little one (rather than the frog photo I mean).