Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All in a day's catch...

Part of the fun of "my" homeschooling philosophy is too be flexible!!! So even though our science unit this month was the body...we had a quick switch to plants and animals...

Our Friday morning started out with finding a very sickly tree frog near our kitchen sliding door...it had trudged through our playroom all the way to the kitchen looking for water and freedom!!! It was covered with dust and one of its legs were hurt. We rinsed it off and sent it on its way to freedom.
Within the hour we found two more frogs both totally different and about an hour after that a tiny turtle!!!
As I sent my 8 year old with his nature journal for "Friday Journaling Time" (when they just draw or write for 15 minutes about what they see made by God in our yard) he decided to write and delve into a weed he found called a POKEBERRY. He used it as ink...and had a great time reading up about this weed. (it can be very toxic to people and animals!!!)

BTW...we do not live in some great area with land, fields, and woods....we just live in a simple neighborhood with a nice small plot of woods behind our house. Don't ever hinder your schooling ideas due to your living situation!!! Be flexible and creative in your state in life and home situation!!!

So we finished up for the day with lots of great memories and said goodbye to the day's catch and sent the creatures on their way back to the woods!!!



Dipi said...

How inspiring - thank-you. My toddlers loved seeing the photos. I especially like the little turtle. I've just been toying of the idea the past week or so, of starting a nature journal. Please may I ask where your son got his lovely T-shirt of the Child Jesus?

Sam said...

DIPI-the shirt and many more came from http://mysite.verizon.net/seithfamily/indext.html
thanks for the lovely comments...keep up the great work with your family!!!+JMJ+