Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I know this really isn't a toy, but my kids use their cd/tape player all the time!!!

BUY ONE OF THESE cool cd/tape players and keep your kids entertained for hours!!! As I mentioned here, we listen to ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY and lots of cd/s and tapes from the library!!!



Jess said...

My in-laws bought my daughter a little stereo like that for Christmas. She's just a wee girl (16 months!) but she LOVES music and demands to hear it all day long. As soon as I get her up in the morning, she signs for music, and we have to listen while she gets ready for nap and bed every single day!

As an aside, I can personally vouch for the hours upon hours (upon hours) of fun my siblings and I had with the little, brown, Fisher Price tape recorder and a couple of blank tapes. Greatest toy EVER!

Maurisa said...

Number 4 daughter bought one for number 5 daughter for Christmas. She could not have picked out a better Christmas present! Special K L.O.V.E.S her cd player!