Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am trying to exercise again. The baby is four months old and I know it is time. So this morning I got ready to workout early before all the little darlings woke up.

It went a little like this:
6am: get on running shoes
6:05: get water bottle
6:08 get on treadmill
6:09 turn on treadmill
6:10 adjust speed
6:11 treadmill turns off
6:12 check to see if I blew out the power
6:13 all looks fine, try again and again to fix problem
6:14 go to TV to look for my exercise DVD-of course can't find it
6:15 try to find exercise show on cable-can't get TV to work
6:16 google exercise online, to try to find online workouts-can't find any
6:17 keep looking online...
6:20 baby wakes up
6:21 nurse the baby and blog about not getting to exercise...
6:36 exhausted by my morning...ready to go back to bed!!!

7:40AM update: husband woke up and tried to fix avail...tried to work TV, finally got it to work. Found FitTV and found bollywood workout. What a joke!!! I exercised with them for 10 minutes. I felt like I was being taught how to seduce a man by Salome...the woman were wearing no shoes, flared pants, lots of bracelets, lots of makeup, their long, brown, curled, hair down flowing on their shoulders, a shirt with only one sleeve, golden belts, and a gem on the middle of their heads. It was hysterical!!! So my two year old and I did it and laughed alot. My husband watched and decided it was kinda like a mating dance!!!


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momto5minnies said...

It stinks when you really are motivated and ready to go. At least you had some fun moving with your little 2 year old.