Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What my kids got for Christmas:

1. Snuggie's:I got my oldest a real "snuggie" from Toys R Us...about $15-cheap material, but works. The others came from BJ's for $10 were made by Bershire and have a pocket. They are way warmer than the others and have a cool pocket. They all love them!!! (BTW...our house is freezing so they use them all the time)

2. Water bottles: Everyone got their own color with hook tops to hook to bikes and backpacks. Some fancy and some with initials on them. So far so good and I am sure in the spring they will even be more helpful when sports and hotter weather come.

3. Flashlights: Even dad got a deluxe one. They little girls got tinkerbell and princess ones. They big kids got their favorite color and the middle ones got cool ones to hook on their backpacks.

Hope you got good stuff for Christmas...want to share what you got? Love good, non cluttering ideas!!!


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