Monday, January 18, 2010

One of the BEST weekends ever!!!

For Christmas we wanted a gift that made a memory and not add to our very cluttered house. With seven winter birthday's gifts are a plenty. I laugh when I think back to a student at my old high school, who asked me when I went to talk at Career Day about being a "stay at home mom", if my kids got Christmas presents. HA!!! If they only this year my husband's brother and dad gave us a trip to Ocean City. We stayed at Fenwick Inn for a great $50 bucks a room. WE got three rooms for two nights.

It started out Friday morning when we went to 9am mass.

Then we picked up our oldest daughter and headed to Bethany Beach to pick out our beach house for the summer. We found one in about 2o min. and called to reserve our week.

We then headed to OC and played on the beach. It was so fun seeing the little guys run and jump in the sand. The teenagers lasted about 15min and decided to take the baby in the car.

2:00pm off to the hotel and to get settled. Then to the indoor pool and hot tub!!! Later get settled and dressed to go to Outback for dinner with the entire family!!! Thank God for gift cards. The kids are so excited to get to go to this "fancy" restaurant. All the kids order their food and the thirteen year old asks dad if she can get lobster tails and pay the difference:)

6:30pm back to hotel for a quick swim, charades, a visit from the generous uncle, and clone wars. Then to bed...what a great day!!!

Saturday morning:

The kids find the arcade in the hotel and the amazing vending machines...something they just dreamt about. Cereal in cups and back to the pool. We then meet the generous uncle, grandma, and the my husband's sister, husband, and four kids!!! (yeah, the cousins are here)

1pm Generous Uncle takes us to miniature golfing!!!

2:30pm Generous Uncle takes us to the Carousel Hotel for Ice skating. (most of my kids enjoy their first time ever ice skating!!!)

4:30pm back to hotel to get settled and wait for family friends.

6pm pizza party at Generous Uncle's friends deli. (he closed down to public just for us)

7:30pm to Generous Uncle's neighborhood club house for football playoff game party. (more food-ugh)

9:30pm back to hotel to try to get the little guys asleep. The bigger kids get to go to the pool with cousins and family friends.

10:30 Off to sleep, what a great day!!! To put it as my nephew said..."this is the best day of my life!"

Just when I thought this trip was too good to be true...2:30am my wonderful two year old wakes up and wouldn't go back to sleep till about 4:30.

8:30am wake up and Rob goes running. Then we all get up and clear out room to get ready to check out and get to 10am mass.

10am mass...just happen to bump into old friends at church who offer us their house for next winter Christmas trip...yeah!!!

11:15am brunch at the Clarion. Rainy day but our breakfast with reservations for 27 people with the view of the water and beach is wonderful. Such care from the waitress' is so terrific and kind.

1pm head home in the rain.

Thanks be to God for an amazing trip+