Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update to Thursday's post about women in dilemma

God is Good!!! My friend spoke with her Wednesday night following the Mom's night out, she was in much better spirits, sounding quite confident that she wouldn't go through with the abortion. She was so moved to hear about all the prayers and support coming her way.

My friend spent the day with her yesterday and it was such a blessing. The ladies at the Pregnancy Clinic got them in for a sonogram. Ironically, they had an 11:00am appointment (the time her abortion was supposed to be) and a 12:00 so my friend picked her up at 11 and they went to the noon appointment.

The sonogram was a wonderful experience. The most moving part for her was finding out the due date which happens to be the birthday of her daughter - September 3rd! So crazy!! Please keep up the prayers. The situation will remain fragile as long as she continues living where she is now - zero positive support. She is so wounded and desperately needs to be in a supportive community. My friend offered to have her come live with her, but we'll see what happens - she is so afraid of "putting anyone out" for her sake.

I'll let you know how things develop! Please keep praying!


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