Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Raising Boys #4 : Necessary Space

Fr. Michael Siney, LC

WOW!!! What an amazing mom Father Mike have!!!

This one is so tricky for me...I am a control freak, a nag, and want to be involved with everything my kids do, say, or think.



Anonymous said...

These are so great! Short and helpful! Really make you think. I was afraid to listen to them at first- I feel like such a washout so often as a mom, and I have mostly boys! but I could really see exactly what he is saying and I was really encouraged! THANKS, SAM!

Maurisa said...

Thanks for posting these. They really are wonderful! I love the simplicity. Raising boys doesn't have to be complicated!

Kathy said...

Thanks for posting these. Short and to the point. I think father was speaking right to me in this one. I ALWAYS over analyze my son(And all my kids). Also I have a tendency to dump emotions on them. I know I will not always be perfect, but I will think before I start unloading on them. Thank You, Sam

Hal Young said...

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