Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pray for my hubby...

We are at his JFK 50 Mile race...yes,A 50 mile long, cold,windy, crazy race!!! I have pictures already...but no cord to connect here at my sisters house...but you will see soon enough how crazy some people are!!! Please pray for him!!! He texted at 11:10 to say he was at mile 21...just heard from "the Donk" who met Rob at mile 27 and said he looks great (as usual), but it was cold and windy!!! Bone cold!!! He is running a 12 min mile and started at we will hopefully see him at the finish line at 5pm.



Mau said...

Between Homebirths and 50 mile runs, the two of you are certifiable! At this point, I'll pray for a quick recovery for the nutty runner.


Nicole said...

Please update us on how your husband did!