Thursday, November 20, 2008

Home births

From Danielle Bean at Faith and Family Live: "So how about you? Have you ever given birth at home? Would you consider it?"

Yes I have!!! Out of my 11 children 9 were born at home. The first in the hospital because everyone thought I was crazy to deliver at home. After my not so bad experience, I decided hospitals weren’t for me...I am sure the hospital staff agreed that they didn’t want me to come back. TO demanding...To concerned...To picky!!!So the next seven were born at home...healthy and happy!!! When I had my ninth, the insurance would not pay for home birth, just birthing center...bummer!!!So she was born there. It was ok, but not my bed and my house...the next one we got to have at home-because the insurance people made the mistake of saying “in print” that I could have a home birth. Then we couldn’t have #11 at home, again due to insurance. I would love to have more home births. It is not for every family and my certified birth midwives interview each client to make sure they are ready and really know what they are getting into.

God bless!!!


KayleighJeanne said...

My husband and I really wanted to have a homebirth with this baby, and our insurance would have been semi-cooperative. Unfortunately, the local attorney general has prosecuted any midwives who attend homebirths, and put most of them out of business, or "encouraged" them to move elsewhere.

The hospital staff won't be crazy about me either. With the first baby I was timid and not sure about how to stand up for myself. Since that experience I am more than willing to raise a fuss if things are not done the way I would like them to be.

Nicole said...

I love your story!
You are inspirational Sam!

Anita said...

We are planning a homebirth for our twins, I am 37 wks tomorrow. These are kids 4 and 5 for us. Please pray that all goes well!

sam said...

wow Anita!!! Praise God!!! Rob and I always wanted twins. Hope all goes well. My midwife can't deliver twins at home...but-THY WILL BE DONE!!!

Anita said...

my twins were born yesterday, at home. they are both healthy, praise God!

Sam said...

Anita-Congrats!!! I wished I knew I would of been praying for you!!!
That is so great...wish it was me...THY WILL BE DONE!!!+JMJ+