Saturday, November 29, 2008

IMITATION OF CHRIST: Meditation of the day...

The Twelfth Chapter
Acquiring Patience in the Fight Against Concupiscence

The Disciple

PATIENCE, O Lord God, is very necessary for me, I see, because there are many adversities in this life. No matter what plans I make for my own peace, my life cannot be free from struggle and sorrow. (even tempting left over cheese cake, cranky kids, and a post Thanksgiving messy house)

The Voice of Christ

My child, you are right, yet My wish is not that you seek that peace which is free from temptations or meets with no opposition, but rather that you consider yourself as having found peace when you have been tormented with many tribulations and tried with many adversities.
If you say that you cannot suffer much, how will you endure the fire of purgatory? Of two evils, the lesser is always to be chosen. Therefore, in order that you may escape the everlasting punishments to come, try to bear present evils patiently for the sake of God.

Oh Lord how I beg for forgiveness during this time of Thanksgiving to you for all you have given our family. I am sorry for the whining I have done, the lack of compassion I have shown to others, the gluttony I have encountered, and for all that displeases you. Please see the desires in my heart to love and serve you all the days of my life!!!



Dawn said...

Beautiful post. Which Imitation do you use? I want to buy it, but not sure which is the best translation.
As a side, we used to attend Sacred Heart before we moved down to Ga in March. We miss it tons! The girls were just asking me if they do the Father/Daughter dance here. We may just have to start one up.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the info on Imitation. I don't believe we ever met, but I remember seeing your family at Sacred Heart and my hubby and daughters attended the dance two years ago? It was like a Grease theme. They had a great time. I am good friends with the Chenet Family and JoMary talks about you all the time. My boys went LIV once with her boys. I can't find the blog I stumbled on yours from but I am reminded me to look for The Imitation. Thanks!