Monday, June 30, 2008


Today I overheard two moms at VBS discuss that there are seven more weeks till school starts...

I got a pit in my stomach at the thought...than I looked at the moms faces...they were filled with joy and laughter!!! I looked at them and smiled, "ohhhh do you guys need to come to my house!!!"

Why is it that some families don't enjoy the time they have with their kids? Homeschoolers or not...Families should treasure the time they have with their kids.

I don't want to step on any toes here...but if you don't like your kids now...wait till they get to be teenagers!!!

We need to reevaluate what kind of people we are raising!!! If we as parents don't love our kids...who will? What kind of future spouses, religious, community helpers, neighbors, or parents, are we raising? These are the parents of our future grandchildren!!!

Any thoughts?

+JMJ+Thy will be done


Rob said...

WHAT?! We are supposed to like our kids honey?

MomDaBomb said...

I agree with you- .....when you give all you can, do your best, and feel totally wiped out from just doing that, then you know that you have given your all- given till it hurts.the way my hubby puts it...he was a baseball fanatic growing up- really. no way around it-he doesn't know of tv shows that i talk about back in the 70's b/c well, he lived baseball. you get my drift (btw, i have no problem with baseball). anyway, the deal is that he does not have any desire to play any town baseball or softball or parks and rec baseball/softball. he believes b/c he did the best of his ability when younger that he has no regrets and no more desire to do it.
my point?
Well, i think that also goes with parenting too. over the weekend, i bumped into a dear friend who has her 2 tennage boys (both homeschool) in a leadership Catholic camp- they are counselers. She and her hubby are absolutely LOVING it=- no empty nest syndrome at all. I related this idea of my husbands' to parenting and she agreed with me completely.
When we give our all, do our best, give till we have no more to give, and treasure the time that we have with our kids- then when the time comes for them to leave the nest... we are okay, we are ready.

THe one thing that I have to mention is that you mention us "if we as parents don't like our kids...who will?"
GOod point but I would like to add that even I do not always like my kids- but I sure do LOVE THEM TONS. so, maybe it should say "if we as parents don't love our kids...who will?"
what do you think?

God bless yous guys!

KayleighJeanne said...

We only have one child so far, but I have been known to borrow other people's children. (With permission of course.) I love children, even if they are not my own.

My mother was always one of the ones counting the days till vacation ended. And it hurt my feelings to hear her say it too.

Sara said...

Was this the same day your husband put them up for sale? Lol.

I agree---why does it seem to be just homeschoolers that like their kids and want to spend time with them?