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Mother of Divine Grace (

Kolbe Academy ( (Real Science for Kids)> This is Christian Book Distributers, which has a huge home school >division. They offer discounted prices on almost every publisher. Fast >shipping. No returns allowed. The authors do not get much compensation from >this seller, I am told.>>> This is the site I use for my daily planning, as well. Their sales >dept is a little difficult to navigate, but they have free shipping for >orders over $25. Good prices.>>> On the West Coast, so shipping takes a while. I particularly like their >High School English curric.>>> A vegetarian web site with a homeschool discussion board set up to buy >and sell used curric. You communicate directly with the seller by email. No >consignment to veg source. Tedious to search through, but I have gotten >wonderful deals here, and have sold books easily, as well.>>> If I was starting over, this is what I would use for all my children, >K-12. If I was writing down what I have taught over the years, this is what >I would have written. It includes Charlotte Mason literature based >philosophy, and also a Jewish education philosophy, which is different from >the classical. The classical was initiated in Greece and Rome which were >pagan societies, and ultimately led to the humanism we see today. The >Jewish model is what Jesus learned and taught- I want that!>>> I have used this catalog for years. Many hands-on products for tactile >learners.

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