Thursday, June 26, 2008

exercise and trying to lose weight...

I hate to exercise...I hate trying to lose there anyone besides my husband who enjoys this? Well I spend my month something like this:
1st week: OK so I know I am not pregnant...exercise lots!!!
2ND week: hum...maybe I am pregnant...exercise less!!!
3rd week: I am probably more...gain weight...exercise even less!!!
4Th week: I am sure I am more...gain more more exercise, the baby needs me to rest!!!
THEN IT HAPPENS...oops, darn...I am not pregnant...just FAT!!!
So that is where I am today...20 lbs overweight and not pregnant!!! Back to exercise!!!


Anonymous said...

I hear you about the exercise thing and weight thing.ugh.I mentioned this to one other blogger, but thought I'd mention it to you -- I saw on a while a go (in the spring) about how people who are dieting should bless their water. Even getting a priest to do it. As well, has a neat posting about dieting.

Anyways, I just had to share some interesting things that I've found on the web.

Catherine said...

Please, Sam, let us know as soon as you gain weight for the only good reason on Earth!

Ellen Connolly said...

this is VERY funny... and although I am just getting started in this whole 'having a family' thing...this being my 3rd summer in a row pregnant.. i understand you so well!!!!!!!!