Sunday, April 6, 2008


After reading Elizabeth Foss's blog about homemaking, I felt as if she had just been at my home...I have ll children, I find it important to do apostolate that fits my state in life...I also try to keep the "social" parts of my home tidy...people think my house is together and sometimes wonder how I do it. My family doesn't get the "treatment" our guests do...our upstairs is room is usually the last to clean, and I have LOTS of hiding places for my junk.

My mom was an amazing cleaner and was a wonderful example of homemaking to me...I guess I just wasn't interested in learning those traits. Being the youngest of nine and the fifth daughter I wasn't expected to do as much as I should of.

I agree with all Elizabeth says and I am slowly spending time trying to rid my house of my by room. I have tried organizational tools over and over again...but, in a day everything is back to its crazy messy self. So, I decided to start over. I will spend this spring and summer gutting the entire upstairs, so to start over. This way I can start from scratch. I will post along the is good to be accountable.

People are VERY generous to us!!! They give us everything. Clothes, toys, furniture, shoes, toys, and some more toys...I plan on monitoring EVERYTHING that comes in. I need to watch my own weakness and be prudent on what we keep. I have talked with the kids about Christmas...we will just get new bedroom furniture, bed spreads, the necessities...we also celebrate seven winter toys and stuff are usually everywhere!!!I have always wanted to do a post on the perfect toy...guess what...there isn't...I have decided the perfect toy is a sibling!!!

I pray that someday I too will be able to give my family "Guest Treatment"!!!

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