Saturday, April 19, 2008


My 12 year old made an amazing dinner tonight. Seafood Lasagna...although we all enjoyed it, it was a little spicy with a little red pepper. My dear Eric (#11) who is 8 months old isn't really eating "real food" yet. After dinner I ran into his room to do some more job this weekend...and I heard him scream...than my husband yell for me...I went to the kitchen and heard my husband say, who was the brain who dipped the babies bread into the spicy sauce?!?!Oops, it was me. So I felt terrible...the babies face and eyes were red. Then I brought him to the sink to wash him up before nursing him to calm him. Well, I grabbed (what I thought was clean)a towel from under our sink where I put clean dish rags...and ran cold water on it, than wiped off his face...he cried again, than I checked the towel and smelled that one of my little darlings had put a dirty rag back under, and I was wiping my precious babe's face with the rag with cleaner on it...I got a clean one and gave him a good rinsing with it...boy did I learn my lesson. Sorry, sweet baby E. I love you. +JMJ+

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