Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Joshy turns 17...

Picture of Joshua with his baby brother and Godson Eric... PRAYER OF ST. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA (ONE OF JOSHUA'S FAVORITE PRAYERS)

Lord Jesus Christ, Take all my freedom. My memory, my understanding and my will. All that I have and cherish You have given me. I surrender it all to be guided by your will. Your grace and your love are wealth enough for me. Give me these, Lord Jesus, and I ask for nothing more.

My oldest son Joshua turns 17 today...it seems like yesterday when I was 15 days late and drinking Castor oil...I do not suggest this...especially when you try to dilute it with orange juice. If you do take it, contact your midwife, doctor, or a plumber before digesting. Follow it with a strong drink, not vodka, but strong juice or soda, do not try to mix them, it make for a larger amount of consumption.

I became pregnant when my oldest was six months old who was just nursing and I was 22. (oh to be young again)

I was really excited about this delivery, my first home birth!!! I contacted my midwife to say things were starting and my husband and I were off to mass and we would meet her at our home in an hour or so. I also contacted my nurse, my sister, and a friend who would be watching our (at the time) Christian Bookstore for us. As we got dressed...it happened. The Castor oil kicked, punched, and knocked me out...my legs started to shake uncontrollable and I was having contractions as well as my bowels emptying. My husband contacted everyone to say come here and quick. When they got here things went fast and all I remember is my sister, husband, and a friend holding my up so the midwife could pull out my son who I had just delivered his head...not the body yet. Well with much help, he came out. Since I didn't see the delivery, you will have to check out my funnier, and handsome husband's post for the gory details.

Joshua was the first of many home deliveries, none as fast or shaky. He was our fussiest baby and I am sure he had some type of food allergy that we never found. When I got pregnant with the next baby people were shocked that we must have been serious with this pro life stuff because Joshua was one of the fussiest babies they had seen. Joshua grew to be one of the easiest going, pleasant, crowd pleaser we have.

He is planning on attending the seminary in the fall and we are very proud of this decision and will miss him very much.

God Bless you Joshua, we love you sweetie. +JMJ+

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the Mom said...

Mix it with root beer. It goes down much easier that way.