Sunday, April 20, 2008

Needs of a Man and Woman

This is from a very holy priest Father Michael Sliney:
The #1 need for both men and women is God’s grace through the Sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist, and lots of prayers from their loved ones!

7 Needs of a Man

1. A holy wife who brings calm and peace to the household.
2. Physical intimacy
3. Cave time…a need to be left alone
4. Give advice when offered but do not offer advice when not asked (nagging)
5. Time with the boys (golf, basketball, outings with his friends)
6. Realistic expectations…the wife should not expect too much, too fast in terms of generosity and self-giving. He will change if he sees this change in his wife first.
7. Service- to “get done” the things that he asks of you, especially the details of managing the house.

7 Needs of a Woman

1. Quality Time with her husband- one on one, without blackberry’s or interruptions
2. Appreciation- to recognize the objective sacrifices that she makes every day for the whole family.
3. Allow them into your world- patiently answer ALL of their questions and keep them fully up to date with all the details
4. Kindness- the tone, the sincerity in the words you use, this really matters!
5. Time with the gals (allow them to take a few week-ends off to be with their friends, etc…husbands should offer to occasionally take the kids)
6. Listen, REALLY listen to them, show sincere empathy and do not try to solve their problems…
7. Give them a hug!

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